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EMT Breezy Blanket
Model # EMTBB

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Price: $625.95

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These blankets are made with care to order and will take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The left picture shows the approximate location of our magnets and size in our blankets. Each size differs a little bit in placement. Each magnet is sewn into a pocket. The mesh material is doubled for added durability. All blankets are made in Washington state.

The Equine Magnetic Therapy Breezy Blanket is the premier magnetic blanket on the market today.  The magnets are BMMI, the deepest penetrating and the one that can access more blood vessels than any other on the market. We have covered the whole body so that it takes all the guess work out of where and how to place them.  Each magnet measures 1-1/2″ x 2″ and there are, on average, 110 magnets, depending on the size. We all would  love to have a massage therapist in our back pocket to help the sore muscles when ever we want but we know that is impossible.  But with the E.M.T. Magnetic Blanket it is just like having the massage therapist there all the time, just put the blanket on and your horse will love you forever, and will be able to perform better, if used for pre-warm-up.

The E.M.T. Breezy Blanket was designed for the hot and humid regions. It is constructed of a durable mesh, which we double and quilt for added strength. It allows air to flow through and if you need more warmth, just cover the blanket with another sheet or rug.
Blanket Lengths available: 48″ thru 96″  SEE HOW TO MEASURE BELOW
Blanket Colors are Forest Green or Royal Blue.  Binding Color is Black.
BE SURE TO ORDER EXACT BLANKET SIZE you wish to order (ie 48″ or 78″ or 96″) when ordering.  If you want another blanket color and we can get it, the added price is $200.00, Contact us directly for your request.

*** Is your budget a little tight right now, but you really want to get this blanket?  Contact us directly and perhaps we can make an arrangement for a 2 or 3 month “no interest” layaway program.


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  1. Regina Taylor says:

    Hi I’m looking for a unipolar horse blanket with a south orientation. Do you have one and if so how much and do you ship to Canada.

    Thanks Regina

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi, in your description, you do not mention the strength of the magnets ( what gauss are they?). Thanks, Cindy

    • EMT says:

      All our magnets are 500 gauss. Just because there are a lot of magnets in the blanket or for that matter in any boot. the strength does not increase UNLESS they are stacked on top each other. Then the strength increase approximately 20%.

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