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We now include Far Infra–Red Therapy with magnetic therapy in our joint boots.
You can now get the best of both therapies in one boot.

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Equine Magnetic Therapy, incorporated in 1991, is your source for therapeutic magnets for horses.

Since 1987, Equine Magnetic Therapy has taken magnetic therapy to new levels by sewing BMMI Concentric Circle Magnets into quality equine products that are flexible and specially contoured for horses, offering easy-to-apply healing for specific injuries, and not impair the horse’s range of motion during usage.

The Equine Magnetic Therapy products, proudly made in the U.S.A., maximize the principles of bio-magnetic therapy. The patented BMMI design offers equestrians a convenient and effective alternative to other therapeutic treatments. BMMI magnets offer the deepest penetration of soft tissue when compared to other static magnetic products of the same strength, resulting in a more effective and thorough treatment to the muscle structure.

Horse Boots & Blanket Magnets

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Magnetic Therapy is a drug free, non-invasive and effective way of treating injuries that would normally call for the use of anti-inflammatories, painkillers, hot or cold wraps or other more drastic methods.  Unlike many other accepted equine practices, such as pin firing and blistering, magnetic therapy offers a convenient and humane approach to injury rehabilitation. The benefits of magnetic therapy include increased elasticity to muscles and return of normal range of motion – resulting in less chance of injuries.

This proven therapeutic method can help restore your horse to its peak performance, cut down on recovery time and relieve tired, aching joints and muscles. The goal of most horse injury treatments is to augment the healing process by increasing the circulation of blood to the affected area. This is the recommended treatment for many equine injuries including tendonitis, bowed tendons, bucked shins, muscular sprains and strains and other injuries to the horse’s musculoskeletal system.

For more information on BMMI Concentric Circle Magnets and therapeutic magnets for horses, check out the two links below. Or you can contact Equine Magnetic Therapy today! With superior service, a friendly and knowledgeable staff and durable therapeutic magnets, you’re buying the best when you shop with Equine Magnetic Therapy. Custom orders are no problem and will be fulfilled.

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